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The crowd gets down with the dancing scarecrows - Earl's Girls!


Julia does the "Funky Chicken"!


Hey, Bobby & Julia, are you "letting" us see your Tootsie Roll" again?!?!


Jackie & Melissa celebrate their anniversary at The Sawmill in Pea Ridge, TN.


Corey joins Julia on stage!


Ride him Ricky!


Hey, Bobby, back that a** up!


Jimmy Greer, do you "feel like a woman" with those lovely blonde curls?!?


A little SCARECROW daytime fun - the "swingin" bridge at Dale Hollow Lake.


It's Bobby Earl's Birthday!


Brad, you can't drink in the park!!


Steve & Julia, "It's Your Love"


Ricky, Lisa & Donna- Who's Goosing Who?