January 2004  
"And oh, Auntie Em, there's no place like home."

There's No Place Like Home... for the Holidays

As Dorothy expressed to her Auntie Em, there's truly "no place like home." I think this holds especially true during the holidays. We hope that everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season and that Year 2004 will bring you many blessings and much happiness!! We'd also like to remind everyone to remember that Christmas is not just a time of year; it is a state of mind. We hope that you will carry the true spirit of Christmas on into the New Year with you!

Hats Off... to the Greatest Fans in the World!!!

We hope you know how much our wonderful SCARECROW fans mean to us!! There are no other fans in the world like you guys!! YOU ARE AWESOME!! Once again this past year, some of you went "above and beyond" making it out to see SCARECROW, following us wherever we could be followed, and doing some really nice things for us!! For these achievements of great "fanhood", we honored our 2003 Fans of the Year at our annual SCARECROW Christmas Party in December at The Twisted Spoke (at least those of you who were able to make it out in the SNOW!!!) The "top finishers" for 2003 SCARECROW Fans of the Year are as follows:

***** Nancy Bishop ***** Patti Lou Greer ***** Joe "One More Song" Wethington *****
***** Marsha & Neil Keaton ***** Darryl Redmon & Andrea Fischer ***** Eddie Smith *****
***** Dan Fannin & Kathy Schraffrick ***** Katie "Lou" Houghlin *****

We also had a large number of fans who finished in the "Honorable Mention" group for 2003 SCARECROW Fans of the Year. They are as follows: Janice Unseld, Priscilla Ice, Michelle Secor, "Little Bit" April Bryant & Irma, Barb Chumbley, Harlin Farmer, Melissa Day, Amy Wheatley, Michael "Doughboy" Wheatley, Luwanda Harris, Chrissy McElwain, Tracy Reed, Annette & Jerry Caldwell, Donald Fiedler, Owen Phelps, Mike Brumley, Jimmy Mann & Becky, Gwen Newton & Roger, Mark Barrett, Tony Calvert, Mike Unseld, Patti Jewell, Phyllis Beavers, Dennis Lashley, Walter Catlett, Jodie Smith, Roger Gritton & Betsy Terrell, Jane Sapp, Jennifer Hudson, Teresa Hampton, Shamison Bishop, Connie Patterson, Connie Byrd, James Patterson, Karen Moore, Denise & David Mellick, Charlene Divine, Leslie Sallengs, Justyn Gaw, Danny Ray Jackson & Mary Jo & Teresa, Jeff Walls & Angie Pickens, Carl & Shelia Nalley, Frankie & Terri Nalley, John & Brenda Muncy, Susie Lampkin & K.K., Mark Hicks, Larry Mattingly & "Sister" Angela, Paul Wiseman & Lori Kelley, Stuart Edelen & Allison, Terri Edelen, Donna & Ricky Coulter, Jessica Coulter & D.J., Ricky Riley & Chris Hunter, Chucky & Teresa Hall, Van Greenwell, Dancin' Jim & Sharon Rakes, John Wimpsatt & Lucy, The Double "D" Dancers

CONGRATULATIONS to our FANS of the Year for 2003!! We love you and all the rest of our wonderful fans!! Thank you guys & gals for all of your support!!!! And the race is on for 2004!!

Strike A Pose... Be A Celebrity!!

Yes, I have a new web administrator... and yes, I have lots of photos from the past year that we will be posting on the web site within the next month!! Yes, you could soon be a celebrity on the SCARECROW web site!! Be sure to check out the web site to see if your face has become famous!! Click on the button for "where we've been - venues & events". Once there, click on each venue or event to see photos taken at SCARECROW performances. We hope to have all the new photos posted by March.

Welcome to the Newest SCARECROW Member!!

We'd like to say a big welcome to our newest SCARECROW Staff Member, Mr. Nathan Farmer "Daniels", as he follows in his dad's footsteps! Most of you know that Nathan's dad, Bobby Farmer "Daniels" has been our dear friend and Road Manager for several years now. We now welcome Nathan to the position of Assistant Road Manager!! We know that "dad" has some tricks of the trade to show his son (like what Nathan needs to do with the flashlights he received as a gift from Elf Julia at the SCARECROW Christmas Party!) But we also think that Nathan has a few tricks to show "dad" as well!! Stevie and I are especially excited to have Nathan as a part of our organization as he is also like an adopted son to us!! Welcome aboard, Nathan!!!!

Hellos & Goodbyes...

We've had a couple of our venues change ownership recently. At Days Inn, we say "hello" & "welcome to Bardstown" to the new owners, Eddie & Becky Moore! We want to say "thank you" to the previous owners, Donald Young & John Ballard, for all of their support over the years that we've been with them! We also say a fond goodbye to one of the managers at Days Inn. Martha Mattingly left recently to take a position at My Old Kentucky Home Country Club. We will miss her, but we wish her well!! And we know that Martha will miss all of the grief that my guys gave her! Right, Martha?!?!
We also say "hello" to the new owners of The Twisted Spoke (formerly The Olde Depot). We look forward to working with Jim & Sherry Adams and Lenny & Earline Baker!
SCARECROW Wants... Your Email Addies !!!!

If we don't already have your email address, we would love to get it! I send out reminders of where we'll be playing and try to keep in touch with everyone through Email!! (What did I ever do without it ?!?!) Just sign on to the web site and click on the button for "what do you have to say - send us feedback". From there you can join the SCARECROW fan club or just drop us an email! We always love to hear from our fans!!!

"I'm not Dorothy and we're not in Kansas anymore... but we are SCARECROW!" - Julia and her favorite fellas' - Stevie, Brad, Jim (Sunshine), Mark & Corey