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Ron began his quest of becoming a drummer at the ripe young age of 10 when he got his first set of drums. Yes, his parents had to put up with a lot of noise in his pre-teen and teen years!! He got out of the house some though as he started playing the local bar scene by age 13. Ron's parents were very supportive though. In fact, Ron's dad managed Ron's first band, Nashville Express, which played local bars and VFWs while he was in high school. It wasn't long before Ron went on the road. In addition to playing all over Kentucky, Ron gained experience on the road traveling to Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, and Florida. Ron's greatest "on the road" experience occurred when he toured 6 months in South Korea playing U.S. Army bases. Some of the bands Ron has played with include On Location, Azure, Limited Access, and most recently Lush Puppyz. As for all of his years playing and time spent on the road, Ron says, " All these years have been exciting, meeting people around the country and getting exposed to a culture very different from ours!" As the newest member of SCARECROW, Ron hit the road running with us in November of 2004, and we're very excited to have him with us!